Value 4technology

Our services

Prototype production

Together with our colleagues from our subsidiaries, we are able to process everything from the initial idea to the complete technological process for series production. Do not hesitate to contact us for a more comprehensive solution for your industrial production.


Machines and equipments

We are producing prototype fixtures, tools, moulds, and spare parts.
We have our own prototype production facility with modern technological equipment.

Discontinued and spare parts

Looking for a part that is no longer in production? We can help you with small batch production of the parts you need.

Technological consulting

    • FMEA
    • benchmarking of products and components
    • concepts and first drafts of simple 3D models of parts
    • manufacturability analysis
    • surface and spatial studies
    • precision design of the 3D model of the part
    • FEM studies
    • simulation
    • cycle-time studies
    • material planning
    • change management 
    • 3D measuring device 3000x1500x1000 mm
    • measuring arm Hexagon Absolute Arm 8535-7
      • The non-contact measuring principle enables the measurement of filigree objects (e.g. plastic or foam material), which are very difficult to perform with conventional measuring machines / touch-type measuring heads.
    • CATIA (GSD+Reverse Engineering)
    • testing and trials in modern application centres